10023480 Cable Assembly


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MSA OptimAir® Cable Assembly

A complete range of replacement parts for the MSA OptimAir® MM2K Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) includes face blanks, replacement masks, chargers, nose clips, gaskets, filters and MSA cable assemblies. The Gray Advantage 3100 Series cable, which measures 42 inches in length, is a strong, flexible cord responsible for bringing power from the small battery pack to the motor blower, providing a reliable source of breathable air to the user.

The Gray Advantage, UltraVue and UltraElite PAPRs all utilize the same replacement cable for MSA respirators, Model #10023480. This MSA assembly provides maximum maneuverability and flexibility, allowing for the battery pack to be carried and connected from any convenient pocket or to be mounted to a belt or harness..