10034153 Medium Gray Advantage 3100 with Plastic Harness


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MSA OptimAir® Advantage 3100

The MSA OptimAir® Air Purifying Respirator is available in three styles: Gray Advantage, Black UltraElite and Black UltraVue. Each also comes in three face piece size options: small, medium and large, with the Medium Gray Advantage 3100 by far the most popular of these full-face respirators.

These air purifying respirators are designed for use in a wide range of applications where hazardous materials are likely to be encountered and for various abatement activities including, but not limited to, mold, lead and asbestos. They are commonly used in chemical, nuclear and electric utility environments as well as in the pulp and paper industry, spray-painting operations and a variety of jobs where welding, sanding or grinding is being accomplished. They are NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved and are field-proven to be high performance, long life and low maintenance.

We specialize in all aspects of respirators. If you would like to replace parts on your existing MSA filtration system you can find them on our MSA page.