Markwell G-26 Outward Clinch Tacker


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Designed for exclusive use with STCR 2619 type fine wire staples, to 1/2″ leg length. The outward clinch door is easily removable for front loading of staples, or replacement. Wearing parts, such as the outward clinch door, and most other parts, are compatible and interchangeable with the discontinued T5-8-OC tacker.

This special application tacker is normally only available through specialty distributors to the Insulation and HVAC Industries, or trade catalogs.

Designed for use with STCR 2619 type staples.

Markwell Brand staples similar to the above types, are available, as follows:

  • STCR 2619-1/4″
  • STCR 2619-3/8″
  • STCR 2619-1/2″

Galvanized and Stainless Steel.

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